How to play the Mahjong game

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How to play the Mahjong game

Mahjong is a classic oriental game also called Japanese solitaire or Chinese poker. Classic Mahjong is designed for four participants. This is a real ritual, with many different traditions. The goal of the game is to remove all paired pieces from the playing field by matching them.

Mahjong game rules

The dice are used to determine the dealer (east wind) with the highest number of points. Usually the game is played sixteen games. 1. Each player receives 34 tiles. 2. A double row of 17 pieces is built, face down. 3. Four such structures are collected by a square symbolizing the city Wall: North, South, West, East. 4. The leader rolls two dice, their value will indicate the Wall that will be dismantled. 5. The owner of this Wall also rolls two dice, adds the previous amount to this value, and counts down the die from which the Wall will begin parsing, opening it. 6. The leader, and then all the players in turn take 4 tiles to the left of the indicated point, until each has 12 tiles. 7. Now the players sort by the last die, and the leader – 2.

Mahjong how to play correctly

The leader chooses one of his dice and puts it on the line;

all players take tiles from the Wall and drop them onto the field;

if a player sees that a tile laid out by another player allows him to collect one of the combinations, then he can declare a combination. Chow is a combination of three consecutive tiles on the suits (numbers). Can’t be on dragons or winds. Pang – three identical tiles. Can be collected on suits, or numbers. It can be announced when the player has played the tile you want. Kong – made of four identical tiles, similar to pangu. After collecting kong, the player receives a free die from the opposite wall. The number of tiles in front of you and on your hands should not increase or decrease. If necessary, discard any die at stake. Having collected combinations of three or four tiles of one pair, the player announces mahjong, that is, the end of the game. Mahjong can be won only through logical improvement and improvement of strategy methods. Several different tiles may be suitable for the player to complete the mahjong – “waiting”. And a player can have two or more expectations to win. Any of the matching dice can win the hand and complete the mahjong. All players open their hands and count the points. The player who has collected mahjong is the winner. The three losers pay the full value of his combinations from their number of points determined at the beginning of the game. Then the three losers settle with each other in pairs. The one whose combination is cheaper pays the difference.

mahjong play online

A new branch of mahjong is a collection of online games similar to solitaire, where both one player and a large number of people are enough. There are many types of puzzles, the most famous are classic and Connect. Each type has its own specifics, restrictions and rules. A huge number of levels, as well as free tutorials. Differ in complexity, but the meaning of the game is still the same – to remove paired objects. The meaning of the online mahjong game: the player discovers and removes from the game open identical chips. An open tile is one that has no other tiles on top or sides. By clicking on them in turn, take them out of the game. Paired tiles are the same or can be similar in color or suit. As a rule, these are six suits and points are awarded for each:

hieroglyph – x1;

circle – x2;

bamboo – x3;

wind – multiplied by 4;

child – x6. The game has bonuses that are awarded before the time runs out. It is displayed at the bottom of the screen under the playing field.